Leadership is seriously hard. It requires you to be in right relationship with yourself, those you lead, and the organization as a whole. In order to empower your people you must first see and trust in their greatness. Before you start developing others you must start developing yourself.  

Executive Leadership Coaching is a sacred relationship and dynamic process that helps you first get curious and then get clear. You will discover the perspective and courage you need to move from your current reality to your desired future state more swiftly, mindfully, and confidently than you would if you worked on your own. I bring a unique blend of encouragement, objectivity, and challenge to coaching and help you take care of your mind, heart, and spirit so that you can be there for those you lead and those you love.  

When done right, the best of you will bring out the best in others.  Your influence can positively impact the trajectories of people's careers and lives; helping them become more courageous, confident, and fulfilled. Along the way the hardships of leading others is rewarded with the satisfaction of having made a positive difference for the people and organization you serve.




Working with Kelly over the last 15 months has been very enriching both professionally and personally. I have become a better person, manager, father and husband. She has been critical in helping me unlock my inner potential, however, the true bonus for me, was what I learned about myself has improved my work life as well as my personal life. If you’re willing to dedicate the time to unlocking your potential, there is no better person to walk down the path with than Kelly Lewis.
— John L. Reifsnider, Managing Director, Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley LLC