Women are constantly asking themselves some version of the question, "Do I take care?" or "Do I take charge?"  What feels like a dilemma between being a female and being a leader is fueled by gender stereotypes alive in organizations. Women who fight against  the two different energy forces at play here - feminine energy (taking care) and masculine energy (taking charge) typically struggle to find their way in organizations and advance in their careers.  


What if rather than experiencing this as a conflict, women (and their organizations) learned to see it as a dynamic tension, to tap into the full range of this energy continuum, and leverage it as an advantage?  

As a woman who has been in multiple leadership roles, I know how to inspire, support, and challenge women to access the full energy continuum. I know how to help women become what every organization needs and every associate wants - a leader that knows how to take care and take charge.  







Custom Engagements

I am so grateful for Kelly who has helped my transition into a larger executive role at Freddie Mac. I rely on her as an independent sounding board when faced with challenging decisions, and she responds with thought provoking questions to ensure that I land on answers that are right for me and my team. Kelly helps me strategize how to handle difficult leadership scenarios, getting me to a point of resolution MUCH faster than if I worked on my own. Her insights have given me the confidence to handle numerous challenging situations with grace. Best of all, Kelly has helped me grow professionally and personally—giving me tools to be more reflective, mindful, and courageous.
— Donna Corely, SVP, Chief Risk Officer, Freddie Mac