Change requires doing the complete opposite of what the brain is wired to do - choose courage over comfort and the unknown over the known. Change is emotional, it asks associates to travel from a place of comfort and ease where they know how to be successful to a place of uncertainty where they must learn how to be effective all over again. 

I bring a coaching approach to organizational change; using a discovery process to give the "people part" of change the attention it needs in order for the process, product, and technology parts to be successful and sustainable. I help leaders, managers, and associates connect their individual behaviors to the larger change so they will discover what needs to be honored, what needs to be let go of, and what needs to be acquired.

When organizational change and business growth are coupled with the opportunity for individuals to cultivate their potential, magic happens. 




  • Organizational Change Consulting
  • Organizational Growth Consulting
Astronomer Galileo Galilei reminds us, ‘We can not teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves.’ Forgetting this fundamental truth hits at the very core of why 70% of change initiatives fail today. Kelly’s approach to organizational consulting and people growth enables individual discovery, at scale. She helps leaders, managers, and associates connect their individual behaviors to a larger system, creating the foundation for successful transformational change at every level. Kelly does all of this with extreme dedication and passion. She is clearly dedicated to her clients and her craft. Just as importantly, she is passionate about leadership and enabling greatness through people. This comes across in every interaction with Kelly.
— Jimmy Chou, Principal, SingleStone